TonesmithGuitars - Tonesmith has been a big supporter to Epic Hero through the years.  Please do check them out.

Risen Drums - Risen drums and Dan... they are in love with each other! Check out Dan's custom Drum kit.

SilverFox Drumsticks - Dan also is an endorser of Silverfox Sticks.  If
you are lucky he may throw one at you!

Savage Audio - Justin plays a savage amp and the rest of the band
loves him for it.

Orange Betty Records - We like OBR.


Tinderbox Music - A great resource for bands.  These guys are experts at the music business and promotions.

Photos by Scott Walker  - Scott is a great guy... and oh yeah, he does all of our photos.  Check out his work he is great!

Drew Falchetta  - Drew is the incredible artists who did all of the art and layout for "The Amazing, Spectacular Christmastime Adventures of Epic Hero".  Please check out his other work it is all great!

Crystal Lane Barlow  - Crystal was one of the two extremely talented designers who created the art for Blacking Out The Stars.  her main focus was illustration... check out some of her other work as well!

Chad Olson - Chad is our new go to guy for design.  He has helped us with everything from Stickers to the New Album art.  Email him and tell him how much you love him.

Semisonic - Please check out these friends of the band.  If you have not heard them you are missing out on some great songs.

Dan Wilson - Epic Hero's Producer website.  You need to check up on this one regularly and see what Dan is Doing.  He is a rare music talent and is worth checking out.

The Drive Back - Another great up and coming band.

The Dog & Everything - Chicago legends.

The New Standards  - We stomped on their first record. No. not stomped on it. Stomped in it. Or something. Just check out the band. They're cool.

The Gufs  - We fell in love with these guys the moment they asked us to marry them. We of course said no. But only after serious consideration.